Last updated on: December 2 2012


* A.P. Wulms


Public domain demo's

[ftp] fracti.pma promotion demo for a fractal generator
[ftp] play-ani.pma promotion demo for a 3D modelling library for turbo pascal
[ftp] no-waste.pma promo demo for the modplayer (MSX turbo R only)
[ftp] skulldem.pma just a nice demo with a talking skull

In co-operation with Merla soft (public domain SCC demo's)

Notice that these links do not work most of the time
[ftp] The haunted demo
[ftp] The astro star demo
[ftp] A new sound
[ftp] The happy demo
[ftp] The bass demo

Public domain utilities

[ftp] fastc30.pma sector copier (fastcopy 3.0) with autoformat function and other nice features
[ftp] freqa.pma Real time spectrum analyzer for MSX turbo R
[ftp] xslife.pma Amazingly fast (10 generations/second on Z80, 35 generations/second on R800) version of Conways life
[ftp] xcc020.pma version 0.20 of XelaSoft Control Center (a Norton Commander (NC) clone) for MSX DOS 2
[ftp] optim11.pma code optimizer version 1.1 for ASCII MSX C
[ftp] dmphex.pma a MSX DOS utility to make a hexdump of a file
[ftp] fc-sanyo.pma fastcopy driver for the sanyo wavy MSX 2+
[ftp] promptsa.pma add an ADPCM sample to the basic prompt
[ftp] r800-dr.pma a utility to prevent MSX DOS 2.x switching back to Z80 mode when accessing user specified drives (e.g. RAMDISK, HARDDISK)
[ftp] smouse.pma turn your MSX with a mouse and RS232 interface into a serial genius PC mouse. Thus, use your MSX as a mouse interface between the MSX mouse and the PC
[ftp] formu10.pma nice format utility for MSX, based on fastcopy drivers
[ftp] mp_xs.lzh MODplay for MSX turbo R

Public domain sources

[ftp] fastc30src.tar.gz Source of fastcopy 3.0, including all drivers
[ftp] xadpcm.pma Assembler library (in gen80 format) for ADPCM <-> PCM conversion and two small programs which are made with aid of this library to convert ADPCM samples into PCM samples and vice versa
[ftp] xadpcm.tgz C library for ADPCM <-> PCM conversion and two small C programs which make use of that library. Note: this archive is made with tar and compressed with gzip. It is specially meant for (MSX)-developers that also own a PC or UNIX system and like programming in C
[ftp] msx2bios.pas.v1.1 Library for Turbo Pascal to make use of the MSX 2, MSX 2+ and MSX turbo R bios and VDP.
[ftp] muldiv.pma An archive for assembler programmers containing some multiply and division routines for Z80 and R800 and a source with some macro's for GEN80 to use the R800 multiply instructions

Open source projects

XCC sources at sourceFORGE.net.

Other products [footnote]

XelaSoft Archive (XSA) Format

Super Music Editor 3.0 (SME 3)

[footnote] Note: for more information, please contact me