SME 3 Software

Last updated on: December 2 2012

Super Music Editor 3.0 (SME 3) is a music program that supports MSX Audio, MSX Music, SCC and PSG. The music can be composed in MML format. I have sold a Dutch version for a couple of years (until something like 1995), after which I stopped the sales efforts. Now, in 2000, I have decided to make an English version of the program and distribute it as postcardware, this after several requests on the international MSX mailinglist (

In this section you can find promotion demo's, replayers and in future the entire SME 3 program.

In the section SME 3 Music you can find several musics that can be played with the separate replayers.

In the section SME 3 Documentation you can find more information and documentation about the program.

[ftp] minidemo.pma a small promotion demo for SME 3
[ftp] sme3pr1.pma very nice SME 3 promotion demo with music for music module, fmpac, scc and psg
[ftp] sme3-ply.pma a replayer for SME 3 music
[ftp] sme3pl1.pma another replayer for SME 3 music