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Last updated on: May 29 2011
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Zone Terra


Zone Terra is a shoot-em-up game for MSX turbo R with screen 12 backgrounds, stereo FM-MUSIC and cool PCM sound effects.

The game was commercially released in 1994 by Quadrivium.

It is now, on 24th of May 2011, released as freeware. It is released in two flavors; as a PMA archive to easily install on the hard drive of a (real) MSX turbo R and as a floppy disk image file so that it can easily be run from an emulator or alternatively it can be copied onto a floppy disk to be used with the real hardware. This version may not be distributed on other web-sites, via bit-torrent or through any other communication or distribution channel. The MSX-Plaza (http://www.msx-plaza.eu) is the only authorized distribution channel for the freeware version of Zone Terra.

Download link

[ftp] zt12.dsk The freeware version of Zone Terra (MSX turbo R only) as a floppy disk image
[ftp] zt12.pma The freeware version of Zone Terra (MSX turbo R only) as a PMA archive

Instructions to run Zone Terra from the MSX hard drive:

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  • Operation Damocles


    Operation Damocles is an MSX 2 game that Quadrivium started to develop in 1994. The project turned out to be significantly larger then originally anticipated. The further development of the game has meanwhile been aborted, although there is still a demo version available.

    Download link

    [ftp] damocles.pma Operation damocles promotion demo