Nyyrikki Postcardware email

Last updated on: September 5 2007

From: Nyyrikki
To: Alex
Date: 1998-08-26

Hello Alex, and greetings from Finland !!!
I wanted to contact you, because I have been a very naughty boy. X-(
I have used your Fast Copy proggram and other proggrams without even
sending you a postcard. You have done proggrams, that I like most
and I don't even say "Thank you !" I am a really big aashole !!!

Did I even now send you a postcard ? 
- No

Anyway... I tought, that my picture on MSX gives better example where
I live, than any postcard, so I made a little "demo" around it and it is
here with this e-mail. You can load it by extracting it and typeing :


(System requirements: MSX tR, DOS2, 244Kb free disk space.)

If you still want to have a postcard, there is also "PRINTOUT.LDR", that
prints a grey scale picture, if you just have EPSON compatibble printer.
It should be just postcard size... or atleast it was, when I tested it
with Citizen Swift 24.