Last updated on: September 5 2007


Nyyrikki is an MSX developer from Finland who has made several cool programs for MSX. On this page you can find a selected list of his productions. You can find more info on his personal home page.


Public domain demo's

[ftp] thedance.pma A person dancing on a dance beat, for MSX turbo R
[ftp] postcard.lzh An electronic postcard that Nyyrikki emailed to me on 26 august 1998, because I released fastcopy as postcardware. It requires an MSX turbo R and DOS 2.

Public domain utilities

[ftp] EASYCPU.COM Utility to switch CPU mode on MSX turbo R. The same binary can be used both under MSX-DOS and under MSX-BASIC. See this discussion topic on MSX Resource Center for the source and for more details