Announcement MSX DENYULAND 2001, by K. Ikeda

Last updated on: May 26 2002

21th September 2001 by IKEDA

I wrote you information about MSX DENYULAND 2001.


In 1983, ASCII Corporation and Microsoft advocated 8 bit personal computer 'MSX' around the world. MSX DENYULAND is the most biggest MSX festival in Japan.

Date 22th - 23th September
Time 11:00 - 18:00
Palace Hirose head office building
Orgaziner MSX DENYULAND organize committee(Japan MSX users' group)
Support MSX-Association

The exhibition 22th - 23th

Lecture meeting 22th September

The exhibition and spot sales by MSX clubs 23th September

Many MSX groups will come from all area of Japan. They will do exhibition and sport sales from 11:00 - 17:00.

MSX groups list

Written by Kuniji Ikeda from Osaka, Japan

Kuniji Ikeda (Jaka BUSH)
Miri Software MSX Computer System Giappone