MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, November 16 2003

Last updated on: November 16 2003


Already many peoples know that ASCII Corporation will sell USB-ROM Cartridge reader for MSXPLAYer. Name is MSXGR(MSX GameReader).

Many people asked me price of MSXGR. But I donot know. IF ASCII will receive many order of MSXGR(more than 3999 unit), ASCII will make MSXGR. But IF order will not reach to 3999 units, ASCII Corp will not make MSXGR.

Local sales tax625Yen
Postage(ASCII to me)800Yen?
(Registerd mail410Yen)

IF you will pay me money use via Paypal, you must add Paypal fee 635Yen. So, total price is:

15415Yen + 635Yen = 16050Yen

IF you want pre-order of MSXGR, let write me.

K. Ikeda