MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, September 15 2003

Last updated on: November 16 2003

A few days ago, I received telephone from Yokoi(alias NASU) of MSX Associations. MSX Associations will organize MSX Denyuland 2003 on 30th November. And they hope that I will make stand of Sunrise at MSX denyuland. A few companies(ASCII Corp, ASCII publishing and more) and a few MSX group(ESE Artists' Factory, TAKO System and more) will make stand at MSX Denyuland.

I will get next MSX Magazine, USB-ROM Reader, Small PC with MSXPLAYer and more..

Now, I can't write more thing.. And please do not open my news at MSX Resouce Center..

Ah! Sunrise will begin distribute a big RPG game at next fair.. Hehehe..

K. Ikeda