MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, January 3th 2003

Last updated on: October 12 2003

Konnichiwa. Thancks for many order of MSX MAGAZINE Permanent preservation issue. Here in Japan, almost book stores sold out almost MSX MAGAZINE. I can still buy MSX MAGAZINE at Osaka, but it will be sold out soon. At many book stores, MSX MAGAZINE is getting top position of sales. And 2nd position is book of "Happy!! MSX Emulator and Games"! Yes, MSX books are big sales more than books(magazines) of Windows, Machintosh, Unix, consoles, Hacking and Hentai games etc!! Almost salesman of book stores and computer stores is NOT know about MSX. They are surprise this big sales and saying "What is MSX! What is MSX!! Why sold out!? Why sold out!!??". Hahaha, it is very funny for me.

This time, I write you about "Happy!! MSX Emulator and Games". It is a book about MSX Emulators, Games, Japanese MSX scene and Project EGG written by Takagi and Iwahori. Publishing company is SHUWA SYSTEM CO.,LTD. This book is nice more than MSX MAGAZINE. And supplement CD-ROM is includeing Emulator and games like:

IF you are interest in screen shot of these games and magazine, you can visit here.

And I can sell you this magazine. Price is:

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Now, MSX is aliveing in Japan!

Kind regards and good new year for you and MSX!!

K. Ikeda