MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, November 22 2002

Last updated on: October 12 2003

Minasan konnichiwa(Hello all in English). Many people asked me about MSX MAGAZINE. ASCII will publish MSX MAGAZINE date on 26th December 2002. I found some online bookstores(Internet book store) and they can send books to outside of Japan. But buyer must ready Japanese creditcard. Yes, you cannot buy MSX MAGAZINE use with European creditcard and Brazilian creditcard. What a pitty!

But I found a company called "OCS". OCS is Over Sea Service, this company can send you MSX MAGAZINE to outside of Japan and buyer can pay money use via Europan creditcard and Brazilian creditcard. But fee is very expensive. Ok, this time I can help you for order of MSX MAGAZINE.

I cannot know shipment cost of MSX MAGAZINE. Because I donot know weight of MSX MAGAZINE. But I caluculate that weight is about 1.0Kgs.

Price of MSX MAGAZINE is:

About postage cost

How to payment money to me.

IF you want look MSX MAGAZINE, you can visit to Amazon JP

Italian hardware designer of ICMiri Group who Gilberto D'Osvualdo will make FM PAK. IF you want buy one, let write Email to him

Let write me Email if you want buy:


K. Ikeda