MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, August 21 2002

Last updated on: October 9 2003

On 9th August, Spanish MSX supporters who Velonica, Andoni and their friends visited to Osaka, Japan. And they bought many cheap MSX stuff at Osaka (^^) I hope that they can enjoy their travel of Japan.

And a Dutch MSX supporter who Rieks visiting to Osaka. Now, he is still stay in Osaka. I showed to Japanese console magazine "Famitsuu Xbox". This is weekly magazine for Microsoft Xbox publishing by ASCII Corporation. Now, driver of MSX Revival Project who Yokoi is writteing article about MSX on this magazine each every week! Because MSX and Xbox are same MicroSoft X. And a Japanese newspaper wrote about MSX computer! Rieks surprise that now Japanese magazine is writteing information about OLD MSX computer! Hahaha, yes you`re right. MSX is already dead. But MSX is begin revival from graveyard!

Planet publishing begin distribute "EGG official guide book". This book is written about classic games like Ys, Xanadu, HYDLIDE and Mephius etc.. Very exsiting book for us! But it is written in Japanese, sorry.

ASCII Corporation will publish MSX Player Magazine. This is incluedeing many ROM/Disk image in legal.

A Japanese guy who Boukichi made the BIOS for Emulators. It is call "MSX GOKAN BIOS". This BIOS is compatible with MSX1. Why he made compatible BIOS? Bceause Microsoft still has copyright of BIOS. We cannot free use MSX BIOS Program... Probably he will progress it for MSX2, MSX2+ and MSXturboR..

21th August, Boukichi is version up of this BIOS. And he change name to C-BIOS 0.04 from MSX GOKAN BIOS. Because MSX Associations has MSX Logo NOW. IF Boukichi is use name of "MSX", he must get permission from MSX Associations. He doesnot like it.

C-BIOS is mean of Compatible BIOS. But C-BIOS is temporary name. Now, he wants make good name for this BIOS. IF you have something suggestion, let write mail to him

IF he will not be able to make good name for it, he will make strange name like "MIYABI" (^^;

C-BIOS is BIOS for Emulator. But this is useful, I think. i.e) ESE MSX System

A Greate Japanese program code writter of FAT16 Patch program who Okei will stop of create. Because people donot use FAT16 Patch program. IF you hope that she is still progress of it, let send your message, suggestion and bag-report to her.

You can send your message to her.


K. Ikeda