MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, July 31 2002

Last updated on: October 9 2003

Some peoples asked me same thing. I must write same thing to them... Humm... Okey, this time, I reply it on my MSX PRINT.

Jean asked me:
>I have some questions
>How is MSX doing in Japan?
>Is there still a strong support for the system?
>I heard there is coming a msx 3 is this correct?

Here in Japan, MSX Associations is doing MSX Revival Project. Now, they're selling MSX Player to Project EGG and SYNTAX. Probably MSX Player is no.1 Emulator of MSX on Windows. And it's commercial software, NOT free price. MSX associations is getting money from EGG and SYNTAX per 1 copy of MSX Player.

Project EGG is selling old MSX games. It's build in MSX Player Engine. These old games are only program(Emulator engine with Disk/ROM Image).

Now, you can dawnload Ys II(PC-88 Ver) promo from EGG homepage. Yes, you can play old YS II on your PC.

Visit to EGG homepage.

ASCII Corporation will publish MSX Player magazine at next MSX DENYULAND. Probably, MSX DENYULAND Organize committee will organize MSX DENYULAND in October or November. Now, I'm writtening article for it.

You can get MSX Player from supplement CD of MSX Player magazine #1.

I know that European/Brazilian MSX supporters don't like commercial emulator. But MSX Associations needs money to create new MSX. Who pay money to meke new MSX?

I think that now our way is one of them.

Which way do you like? Sander Zuidema told me that this is final chanse to revival. Yes, he is right, I think.

A few days ago, ESE Artist's Factory of Tsujikawa sent me a E-mail. Because his ESE MSX System was finish.

IF someone of MSX Brazilian Crew will make logic board of ESE MSX System, Tsujikawa will very happy. And also design of Z80.

Here in Japan, Tsujikawa must pay many money to design of logic board. Probably Tsujikawa must pay 500000Yen... The most big problem is that Tsujikawa doesn't have CAD Software to design of board...

IF Brazilian MSX Crew has CAD Software, Tsujikawa wants help from Brazilian MSX Crew.

Tsujikawa hopes that Brazilian MSX Crew will make Prototype use with Spartan2E.

We think that Brazilian MSX Crew is useing very old PLD chip and small capacity chip. It's NOT good enough to make MSX. Probably Brazilian MSX Crew can't get good chip... Do you want chip from Japan?

Tsujikawa has spare of ALTERA 10K30A, 10K100A and EPC2. He needs not it. These chips are already old. But high grade of chip that now Brazilian MSX crew is useing.

Marco Dal Poz is makeing BrMSX on a chip use with FPGA Xilinx XCS40XL-PQ240. This is very very small capacity...

At first, Tsujikawa wants make MSX use with PLD. After, he will try cost dawn. PLD devise is progressing in day and day. Soon, we can use more cheap and good PLD devise.

What do you think, Dal Poz?

Now, a Dutch MSX team that TeddyWareZ is makeing a proffecional game. Hehehe... IF you7re interest in it, let ask it to him.

K. Ikeda