MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, June 21 2002

Last updated on: June 23 2002

MSX Associations released that the most greate MSX Emulator MSX Player. Now, I am enjoying it. It's really nice, I think. Till the get of MSX Player, I never use MSX Player. Because MSX Emulator isn't good. I didn't know good MSX emulator... But MSX Player is really nice! Probably it's nice more than real MSX! Agh!! ie. MSX Emulator can change screen mode of emulator.

Now, Sunder Zuidema is contacting with Imamura to distribute SYNTAX games build in MSX Player at Europa. Also, Rob is contacting with Yokoi through me to distribute Sunrise games build in MSX Player. But now we can't write you more thing to you. Because we must protect some secret things. Please wait official announcement from Sander Zuidema or Rob.

I know that European MSXer doesn't like commercial emulator. Because Rob wrote me about it. This time, I write you about it. MSX Player is 2 version, I know. 1 is commercial version. For exsample, SYNTAX is paying money to distribute MSX Player for MSX Associations. MSX Associations gets money from profecional group like SYNTAX and EGG. And MSX Association pays money to save and popularization of MSX standard. For exsample, MSX Associations must bussiness with other commercial company to distribute MSX Player. And MSX Associations must business with the other commercial company to make next generation MSX etc... Who pay money to management of MSX Associations? Probably European MSXer doesn't think it.

I wrote you that MSX Player is 2 version. 1 is commercial version. And the other version is free price version. Yokoi wants begin distribute MSX Player free version to play free software and to make MSX softwares. But Microsoft doesn't like MSX Player free version. Now, we must wait.

And You can look photo of FPGA MSX proto type.

You can visit to MSX Player Un-official homepage

MSX Player newest version is begin emulate of MSXturboR. But turboR emulation is still NOT perfect.

Do you know a Japanese MSX book "Nazono Game Makyoh 3"? This is written in Japanese only, but I found a article about Ramzy Alawi liveing in Republic of Yemem. His article is information about Arabian MSX and it is interest information!

K. Ikeda