MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, May 22 2002

Last updated on: June 11 2002

Project EGG

Project EGG is projects to play and sell old and good games on Windows. And they begin sell old MSX softwares.

hiro to kuro no densetsu(The ledgend of white and black) by Softstudio WING Price:600Yen
Raydock MSX2 by T&ESOFT Price:600Yen
FRAY MSX2 by Micro Cabin Price:600Yen
RERICS MSX by Bothtec Price:free(only to membership of SOFT CITY)

Project EGG will more distribute MSX Softwares at June

Project EGG anounced that Project EGG will begin sell more MSX Softwares at June.

MSX Player SYNTAX Version

SYNTAX begin distribute NV build in MSX Player. IF you are interest in you can look screen shot of MSX Player.

MSX Forever!

K. Ikeda