MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, May 15 2002

Last updated on: June 11 2002

New information about MSX Player

I am happy about good success Tilburg fair in this year. And Yokoi was sorry for no distribute the MSX Player at stand of MSX Resouce Center. But MSX Associations is not still contract with Marat of fMSX. Now, we must wait answer from Marat..

MSX Softwares available!

When receive permission from Marat, EGG will begin distribute MSX Softwares for Windows. Now, you can look a image of RELICS. And soon(when receive permission from Marat), you can dawnload promo of RELICS. And now, you can dawnload Falcom Ys II promo version from EGG Homepage. But this is NOT MSX version. Bewlow is list of MSX games EGG distribute:

MSX Associations!

A Japanese computer game magazine "Login" is anouncement about start of MSX Associations. MSX Associations is a group to completely equipment of MSX materials, preservation, distribute and the other thing organize by Nishi. Project EGG is one project by MSX Association. MSX Associations have more project of MSX!

Nazono Geme Makyou 3

The book Nazono Game Makyou 3 published! This book is special edition of MSX Games! This book introduce old MSX games at new book!

MSX Player SYNTAX version

When receive persmission from Marat, SYNTAX will begin distribute MSX Player SYNTAX version. IF XSW-Magazine will continue distribute softwares of SYNTAX, probably they will begin distribute it.


When Dutchman Rieks, Anne de Raad and a Spanish Nestor visited to Osaka, I did local guide of Osaka and MONKICHI. MONKICHI is 2nd hand game store and they are selling many MSX stuff.

Price list:

Ashguine Panasonic ver1480Yen
Ashguine T&Esoft ver1480Yen
Adventure Chuuta1080Yen(without manual)
The wing of Aruguise1480Yen
Ys II2980Yen
Ultima IV1180Yen
Ultraman4780Yen(manual was dirty)
XZR II1280Yen
F-16 Fighting Falcom680Yen(without manual)
MSX Baseball680Yen(without manual)
Otenba becky no daibouken1080Yen(without manual)

Grtjs, Ikeda

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MSX Forever!

K. Ikeda