MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, April 17 2002

Last updated on: May 26 2002

Hello all. At first, I want tell you thanx for many Brazilian MSX supporters. They sent me many informations about Brazilian MSX meeting. But I cannot write all replies to them. Sorry and thanx! We, Yokoi and me really want visit to Brazilian MSX meeting. But we must get long holiday before we will visit to Brazili. It is difficult...(But we will try probably). I think IF Nishi will aloso visit to Brazil, it is nice thing. But it is also very very difficult! We, Yokoi and me are very interest in Ademir Cachano and his wonderful prodacts especially CIEL3++ and MSX Mother board. I would like buy one. And IF I can add BIOS ROM by MSX Associaltions, I can sell MSX Motherboard at Japan I think. What do you think?


Already, MSX Associaltions finish MSX-Player. And they sent the contract for Marat who program code writter of fMSX. His fMSX is the mother emulator of all emulaors. And MSX-Player is includeing program code of fMSX. Now, MSX Associations is waitting go signal from Marat. IF Marat will send go signal to use program code of fMSX, MSX Resouce Center will distribute the MSX-Player at Tilburg fair! Yes, European MSX freaks possible get MSX-Player at Tilburg! IF Marat send go signal, Yokoi(or through me) will send MSX-Player use via Internet to Sander Zuidema of MSX Recouse Centor.

MSX-Player on Lynux

Now, MSX Associaltions is makeing MSX-Player for Machintosh version and Lynux version. But Machintosh version is very delay. BrUnO must wait it long time... It is work on MAC OS X. Lynux version is appear soon more than Machintosh version. Probably Lynux version is appear among a few month. But sound is silence now... Code writter will modify it.

The magazine of MSX in the book store!

ASCII Corporation will publish a Magazine of MSX! And this Magazine will distribute via Japanese book store! Cool! And I will write a article about world wide MSX. IF people will help me, I am a happy. Now, Yokoi is thinking about name of this magazine like MSX Magazine, MSX-Player Magazine etc.. And Yokoi wants all MSX emulator in this magazine.

And this is our promise that my news is NOT definitive. These things will change often. IF you want true thing, you must wait official news.

Special thanx for your E-mail, interest, helpping and sorry for my NO reply. And please continue your helpping:
Yokoi, Rob Hiep, Sander Zuidema, Adriano Camargo Rodrigues da Cunha, Anne de Raad, SLotman, Alex Wulms, BrUnO, Lisias Toledo, Oliver, Ricardo Jurczyk Pinheiro, Norikuni Kofuji, Rafael Corrales Pulido and YOU!

< >A Japanese guy who C2 informaed me that CPU Clock change program for Panasonic FS-A1WX/WSX(MSX2+). You can change CPU mode to 6Mhz use with CCC. GET "CCC.LZH"!

< .>You can use new version of Zodiac.

MSX Forever!

K. Ikeda