MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, March 19 2002

Last updated on: May 26 2002

Some days ago, I received telephone from Hidekatsu YOKOI who driver of MSX Revival Project. Because he received Email from Sander Zuidema and he read news about MSX Player at MSX Resouce Center. He hopes that I will write more information about MSX Player use via my MSX PRINT. We talked about 2 hours about MSX Player. This time, I write it to you. I hope that you are enjoy this.

I did not interest in MSX Player. Because we can use other Emulators like fMSX, JAVA MSX Emulator, Zodiac, RuMSX and freeM etc.. But Hidekatsu Yokoi told me that MSX Player can emulate many MSX softwares more than the other Emulators. Probably it is No.1 emulate function. And MSX Player is fine work with The souce of Power produced by ANMA. It is cool thing! But MSX Player needs high clock speed CPU, MSX Player cannot fine work with slowly clock speed CPU..

8th April
SYNTAX will distribute MSX Player with NV Magazine 4/2002 to subscriber of NV Magazine. Subscriber can get MSX Player(Windows ver) faster more than the other way!
15th April
MSX Associaltion begin distribute MSX Player(Windows ver).
15th April
Fujitsu will begin sell a handy computer. And this computer has some supplement software includeing MSX Player(Windows CE ver).
20th April
EGG will begin sell HYDLIDE for PC. This HYDLIDE is includeing MSX Player to RUN HYDLIDE(MSX ver) on Windows.
Now, Yokoi wants publish guide book of MSX Player. This book is includeing MSX Player with some programming tool for program code writters. And people can study how to write of MSX program code from this book.
IF someone will begin distribute MSX Player at Tilburg fair, it is nice.

Price of MSX Player. Windows version is free price. And Yokoi wants OPEN SOUCE CODE LICENSE like GNU. But some program code writters donot like it. They wants protect their program technology from other people. Now, Yokoi donot know that Windows CE ver is free or NOT free. On August, probably Macintiosh ver available. Almost people donot interest in Mac ver. But Kazuhiko NISHI likes Machintosh more than Windows.(Kazuhiko Nishi is Mac user). Nishi ordered Mac ver for code writters of MSX Player.

Some days ago, Bill Gates of Microsoft visited to Japan to sell X-box at Japan. At this time, Bill, Nishi and Yokoi talkked about Copyright of MSX Computer. Still Microsoft has copyright of some programs like MSX BIOS. And Microsoft doesnot recognize use of MSX BIOS. But Nishi and Yokoi will fix this problem.

I know that Marat who author or fMSX is worry about payment of royalty to use code of fMSX in MSX Player. You can read here. But Yokoi will fix this problem use via their barrister. Long time, Yokoi doesnot contact with Marat. Because Marat told that I can wait. At first, Yokoi negotiations with MicroSoft more than Marat. Message to Marat:

You need not worry. Yokoi will pay royalty till distribute the MSX Player.

And Nishi paied many money to buy copyright of MSX from ASCII Corporation. Now, MSX Associations has Copyright of MSX, NOT ASCII Corp!

Okazaki made very cool emulator of FM Music. And Yokoi discuss about it with Yamaha Corporation. Yamaha will NOT appeal to the law! Because this emulator is NOT use technology of Yamaha at all!

Yokoi asked me about date of Brazilian MSX meeting. Because Yokoi wants visit to Brazil. But I donot know date of meeting. Brazilian MSXer donot announcement of their meeting written in English... And I am very interest in CIEL 3++ and his computers. Would you help me someone?

I have a quesion to you. Do you have something information about Korean MSX and Chile MSX?

I received question from Sander Zuidema, and Yokoi hopes that I answer write reply to him. Ok, let's go!

We heard Marat Fayzullin of fMSX is angry on ASCII because of the licensing of his sourcecodes. Could you tell me if these problems are solved at the moment?
Yokoi and his barrister donot contact with him long time. Because some times ago, he told that I can wait! The barrister will contact with him till distribute of the MSX Player.
The MSX Association is a new company of Kazuhiko Nishi, is this association now the holder of the MSX Copyrights? Is ASCII still involved with MSX or its revival in any way? Will MSX PLAYer still run on intent or will it run native on Windows and Windows CE?
Nishi bought Copyright of MSX from ASCII to distribute the MSX Player. The MSX Player is work on intent, not native code. But people need not ready intent to use the MSX Player, probably you know. I cannot undewrstand that what do you want tell me.
And finally.. we at would like to do anything we can to support the MSX Revival. If there is anything we can do.. let me know ok?
Yes. Already I told it to Yokoi. And he sent his greetings to you.
P.S> Glad to hear you liked our newsletter. Expect a new one soon! :)
Yes! I am waitting it!! *Grin* (Is this joke copyright of Anne?)


K. Ikeda

PS: You can get information about YAMAHA FM Music chips:

PPS: photos of Jau2001 meeting.