MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, February 27 2002

Last updated on: May 26 2002

Konnichiwa misana(hello all in English). This is Ikeda's MSX PRINT date on 27th February. I hope you like it. Thanx.

News 1
I found SDCC(Small Device C Compiler). This is useful to MSX coder, I think.
News 2
Do you know TERRA NETWORK SYSTEM? They made good and cheap 4MBytes memory mapper called AddRAM2. I sold it to some European MSXers like Rob Heip, Marten Westerhof and Dennis Koller etc.. But TERRA NETWORK SYSTEM stoped their work. So, they donot make more AddRAM2. But they still some stock of AddRAM2. Now, price is 6000Yen without paper manual. IF you want buy it, let write me a E-mail. This is final chanse to buy AddRAM2.
News 3
MSX Asociations will begin distribute MSX Player date on 15th April! And Fujitsu will use MSX Player in suplement softwares to their computer. MSX Player Windows version and WindowsCE version available. But my news is NOT official news. Please wait official news from MSX Asociations.
News 4
SYNTAX will begin distribute NV Magazine issue 4/2002 with MSX Player. This issue will fine RUN on MSX Player!

This is all now.

PS.Personal message to Rafael Corares. Thanx for your information about MadriSX 2002 written in English. It is useful I think.

PPS.MSX Resource Center Newsletter #1 is nice!

Sayonara(bye in English).

K. Ikeda

09th March 2002 - MadriSX fair