MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, December 22 2001

Last updated on: May 26 2002

Happy Christmas my friend! This is my MSX PRINT. I hope you can enjoy this.

Ikeda Kuniji from Osaka, Japan

CP/M is back online with an Open Souce License.

Lineo, Inc begin Open Souce License and The Unofficial CP/M Web Site being distribute free dawnload of CP/M 3.0 MSX Ver. So, we can get, use, distribute and modify of CP/M80.

Now, we can use...

Which OS do you like?

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Personal message to Javi:
 Thanx for your news about CP/M Open Souce at Gracias!

A few months ago, I bought a FDD of Panasonic Word-processor U1 Pro 330Ai at 2nd hand computer store. Because this FDD has serial number EME-213MAG. This serial number is similar with FDD of Panasonic FS-A1ST( MSXturboR). FS-A1ST(MSXturboR) is build in a FDD serial number EME-213M! EME-213MAG and EME-213M are look like same! I tried replace EME-213MAG inside FSA1ST(MSXturboR). And EME-213MAG is fine work in A1ST(MSXturboR)! Now, I am useing EME-213MAG with A1ST about 1 month. But problem is NOTHING at all. IF you want FDD of ST, you can get it from Panasonic U1 Pro 330Ai. And here in Japan, Panasonic is selling new FDD of ST. But price is 15000Yen with local sales tax! Very expensive, aren't you?

Some times ago, I announcement about 6Mhz(5.37Mhz) mode of Panasonic FS-A1WX/WSX(MSX2+) at my MSX PRINT. And some MSX freaks asked me about it. But I cannot write to each them. Because I was busy. Now, I can write it. IF you want change CPU mode of your Panasonic FS-A1WX/WSX...

out 65,154[RETURN]

You must only 1 command from BASIC mode. My Brazilian friend Noriyuki Kofuji tested it on his Panasonic FSA1WX. Obrigado, Nori!

Norikuni Kofuji

Personal message to my customer of Japanese MSX stuff. Now, I can receive money use via Paypal! Paypal begin bussiness with Japanese bank.

Personal message to Alex Wulms
 Thanx for your helpping about my MSX PRINT at your homepage.

Personal message to Willow, Anne de Raad and Sander Zuidema.
 Thanx for your E-mail. This time, I write you about rumor of MSX-Player. Probably Yokoi cannot release MSX-Player official version in 2001. But on 2002, Yokoi will release MSX-Player official version. You must wait be patience. Probably already you know Yokoi released MSX-Player unoffficial version at MSX DENYULAND 2001.


K. Ikeda