MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, July 17 2001

Last updated on: December 1 2001

End of this month, Kazuhiko NISHI(special adviser of ASCII Corporation), Hidekatsu YOKOI(driver of MSX Revival Project), Javi(Spanish guy, interpriter) and Keita GOTO(member of ASCII) will visit to MicroSoft in America(U.S.A.) to discuss with Bill Gates about MSX and MSX emulator. MicroSoft still has copyright(25 percent) of MSX. IF ASCII Corp will get money from the other company, ASCII must pay money(25 percent of profit) to MicroSoft. This contract still alive, NOT dead.

And ALREADY SoftBank PAIED money 120000000Yen to ASCII. Because RuMSX is... Sorry, I cannot write you more thing at official stage. IF you are interst in it, you can ask it to the persons concerned of RuMSX like Takamichi in *PERSONAL*, NOT official. Probably Takamichi know this accident.

Hidekatsu Yokoi wants begin distribute of MSX Player for Windows. But MicroSoft think that 1 computer is 1 OS. IF MSX Player will fine work on Windows, computer will work 2 OS(Windows and MSX-DOS). And Bill thinking "ALL Emulator is ILLEGAL. Because MicroSoft is NOT recognize 2 OS on 1 computer.".

Yokoi will discuss about this problem with MicroSoft and Bill at America. I hope success of Yokoi! Probably Kazuhiko Nishi will help Yokoi.

Nishi did big success and big fail. You can visit to Japanese homepage of mass-media.

The interview for Nishi: Success and fail

4 companies, Kyocera, SHARP, JVC and Tao Group Limited announced that they will make OCPA(Open Contents Platform Association) at September.

This is consortium of Intent. Yokoi will make new company of MSX under the consortium. Nishi resign vice-president of ASCII to bigin president of this consortium. But Inamori(president of Kyocera) hate Nihsi. Now, Nishi and Inamori are fighting about position(post) of president.

Information about 1-chip-MSX

IF we hope that MSX will really revival, we need "REASON" of rivival. Why we need MSX?

Situation of now:Now PC is NOT expensive to Japanese. But NOT chap. PC is still expensive to NOT Japanese people!?

Concept is very very cheap PC and market is world wide(market is NOT only Japan and Europa).

PC is world wide computer. But underdeveloped nations are not target of PC maker. How many money can they pay for computer? Can we sell computer? Especially student??
>They cannot buy very very cheap computer?

When IF the village chief hope that children is go to elementary school, Internat is useful.

For exsample, IF we will distribute computer free price use via government...
IF it is possible, price is...

How many efficiency we need? We need efficiency like mobile-phone?
>We want efficiency more than mobile-phone.
MSX need efficiency to access database of university in the world.


K. Ikeda