MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, June 7 2001

Last updated on: June 28 2001


I love MSXer who still useing MSX. Kazuhiko NISHI, Hidekatsu YOKOI(The head of Frontline) and Kazuhiro TSUJIKAWA(Member of ESE Artists' Factory) visited to last Tilburg fair. And I received many E-mail from European MSXer. They were glad for visited of Kazuhiko Nishi, Hidekatsu Yokoi and Kazuhiro Tsujikawa to Tilburg fair and my assist. Now, I donot write you article about them at Tilburg fair. Because European MSXer and Brazilian MSXer can get many information about it from MSX-Info-Blad, XSW Magazine and MSX Resource Center etc...

A Japanese MSXer who Emu will organaze a MSX fair "MSX Assembly in Nagoya". This fair is NOT big like MSX DENYU LAND. But we will enjoy good time at this fair...

Yokoi will organize the most biggest MSX fair "MSX DENYU LAND 2001" on 22th and 23th September in Tokyo Akihabara. Some company will pay money to organize this fair! Because...

And you can visit to webpage of MSX DENYU LAND 2001. This webpage is createing by Takashi KOBAYASHI who the head of MSX Club Gigamix. This webpage is NOT finish yet. Near future, Takashi Kobayashi will move this webpage to other URL.

But I have NOT only good news. I must write you also bad news. Nishi will resign from vice-president of ASCII Corporation. See here for an article (in Japanese).
Nishi will begin position of counselor in ASCII Corp. But this position has NOT strong power in ASCII.

And I made a mistake about Intent in last my MSX PRINT. I wrote you about Intent test version. But it is ONLY interpriter program of Intent, NOT Intent test version. Sorry.

Newest information about 1-chip-MSX

IF we hope that MSX will really revival, we need "REASON" of rivival. Why we need MSX?

Situation of now:Now PC is NOT expensive to Japanese. But NOT chap. PC is still expensive to NOT Japanese people!?

Concept is very very cheap PC and market is world wide(market is NOT only Japan and Europa).

PC is world wide computer. But underdeveloped nations are not target of PC maker. How many money can they pay for computer? Can we sell computer? Especially student??
>They cannot buy very very cheap computer?


K. Ikeda

MSX fair calendar 2001

Name Date Location More info
MSXRio 2001 28th July 2001 Rio, Brazil  
Comic market 10th, 11th and 12th August 2001 Chiba, Japan Comic market is a market of Japenese original comic by amature group. But some MSX groups will sell MSX softwares amd hardwares at Comit market. Probably 10000 people will visit to this market! Very big Market!!
MSX Assembly in Nagoya (MAiN) August Aichi, Japan  
MSX DENYU LAND 2001(Akihabara,Japan). 22th and 23th September 2001 Tokyo, Japan  
MSXJau 2001 2th, 3th and 4th November (3days!) Brazil