MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, April 1 2001

Last updated on: April 10 2001

About ASCII official MSX emulator. ASCII Corporation decide name of ASCII official emulator. Some times ago, ASCII think "eMSX". But many many European/Brazilian MSXer do NOT like this name. Because e-** is look like internet. But official emulator is NOT internet, only one of MSX emulator. ASCII decide "MSX PLAYER". This is name of official emulator.

A few week ago, I received telephone from Hidekatsu YOKOI who head of Frontline.

Hidekatsu Yokoi
Would you visit to next Tilburg fair?
Kuniji Ikeda
Ops! Really? Already we visited to last Tilburg fair. And we visited to Barcelona MSX meeting. We must visit to Brazilian MSX meeting. What do you think?
Hidekatsu Yokoi
Yes, I want visit to Brazilian MSX fair. But Kazuhiko NISHI wants visit to next Tilburg fair!
Kuniji Ikeda
Nice! Why Kazuhiko Nishi wants visit to Tilburg fair?
Hidekatsu Yokoi
Yes, Nishi wants look European MSX fair. Also, Kazuhiro TSUJIKAWA and Nobuaki WASHIO(Jaka Ghost) will visit to Tilburg fair, *PROBABLY*. Would you visit to Tilburg fair with us?
Kuniji Ikeda
Humm... I want visit to Tilburg fair. But probably I cannot visit to Tilburg fair, sorry...
Hidekatsu Yokoi
Okay. Tomorrow, Bernard(Dutchman liveing in Japan) will contact with Tilburg organizers. And I hope that they will arrange lecture meeting of Nishi.

And some days later, Tilburg organizer did official announcement about lecture meeting of Nishi.

At Tilburg Fair:

Kazuhiko Nishi : vice-president of ASCII
Nishi will do lecture meeting about new MSX, 1-chip-MSX, MSX PLAYER and future of MSX. IF you have something suggestion and question about new MSX, 1-chip-MSX, MSX PLAYER and future of MSX, let visit to next Tilburg fair. You can ask, talk and discussion with Nishi. Nishi can speak English!
Hidekatsu Yokoi : Head of Frontline
He, Yokoi is leader of MSX Revival Project. Yokoi made movement of MSX at Japan. IF possible, Yokoi will show MSX PLAYER at stand of Tilburg fair. You can look MSX PLAYER beta version.
Kazuhiro Tsujikawa : Member of ESE Artists's Factory
ESE Artists' Factory who Tsujikawa and Kashiwazaki designed MEGA-SCSI. Now Tsujikawa is designing MSX by DSP technology. IF possible, he will show something his hardware like MSX VDP by DSP. And he can speak English!
Nobuaki Washio : Webmaster of GW's-Workshop web
I donot know that he will really visit to Tilburg fair, or NOT. He can speak English!

You can get more information at MSX RESORCE CENTER

A Spanish MSXer wrote me E-mail:
>I have forgotten to ask you about ASCII MSX emulator. Are they working
>on it? Time ago was said that it was going to be released in the first
>months of this year, but still nothing...

MSX PLAYER(ASCII official MSX emulator) isnot finish yet. Because Intent hasnot good command to make emulator. But near future, ASCII will finish MSX PLAYER. And probably you can look MSX PLAYER at stand of Frontline in Tilburg fair.

And I must write bad news to you.

Some time ago, I received order of Keyboard Flexible Patern Seat ASSY( Keyboard Film cable) of Panasonic FS-A1ST/GT(MSXturboR) from Maico Arts of MSX NBNO. And I ordered it to home electronics shop. But already Panasonic sold out all stock of it! So, now we cannot buy it! Yes, we cannot repair our MSXturboR! And Panasonic sold out all stock of FDD belt(FDD round belt) for Panasonic FS-A1WX/WSX/ST/GT! But I have still stock of it. I can still receive order of FDD belt for SONY MSX(HB-F1XV, HB-F1XDJ etc..) and Panasonic MSX.

Some Japanese Internet news site did announcement of NV Magazine. You can look:

MSX NBNO is still distributeing NV Magazine at Europa. IF you are interest in NV, let contact with MSX NBNO and XSW Magazine.

A Dutch MSXer wrote me E-mail:
>> About Web-master who Tsuji closed it. But some
>Why did he close it? No time?

No, he made trouble with Hideki IMAMURA who head of SYNTAX. Tsuji is maker of trouble.

>> people still makeing MSX Magazine the ready issue 2. You need not
>> worry. But MSX Magazine the ready issue 2 is NOT official magazine of
>> ASCII Corporation.
>ASCII abandoned MSX Magazine again?

No. But MSX Magazine project is NOT active.

>> Daaaaaaag!!!!(Is this Dutch rule!?) > >No, this is sort of a joke. :) Only use it for informal stuff. :)

Hahaha, yes, I know! This is my joke (^^)

>Can you mail me your pricelist?

Well, IF you want my pricelist, let write me E-mail allways.

Daaaaaaag!!!!(This is our rule!?)

IKEDA from Osaka, Nippon

MSX fair calendar 2001

Date Fair
21th April Tilburg fair(Tilburg,Netherlands)
5th May MSX Event(Amagasaki,Japan)
16th May MSX SJC(Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil)
19th August MSX DENYU LAND 2001(Akihabara,Japan)