MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, February 21 2001

Last updated on: February 28 2001

A Spanish MSX fan wrote me a E-mail:
>Hi!!! here an MSX fan from Spain... just one question:
>Is there any official release date for MSX emulator from ASCII?
>Any URL to know more?

Humm... Now, you cannot get ASCII official MSX emulator yet. Because it is still makeing... Because Intent hasnot many command to make official MSX emulator. But Intent is more version-up in day and day.

Do you know SHARP ZAURUS? ZAURUS is popular PDA in Japan. Probably you know ZAURUS. SHARP begin distribute Intent beta version, NOT commercial version.

A Dutch guy wrote me a E-mail:
>Hello Ikeda!
>We are worried. Konami will release Antarctic Adventure for the JAVA
>DoCoMo phones..
>Elate is NOT Java.....ASCII has problem now with Elate and MSX
>And why is offline!?
>Please react, we want to know....

About NTT DoCoMo. Yes, we are worry. But already Amiga is useing Intent. And Intent beta version is fine work on ZAURUS. Probably we will possible use Intent on the other PDS, console and mobile phone etc... And MSX emulator will fine work on Intent! Yes, you can use MSX computer allways! NOT *only* your home.

About Web-master who Tsuji closed it. But some people still makeing MSX Magazine the ready issue 2. You need not worry.

A Dutch guy wrote me a E-mail:
>Konnichiwa Ikeda san!
>Thank you for your copy of MSX-print.
>I am interested in this emulator. Is the emulator a plugin or something?
>I currently use FMSX-dos, and I would like to know if it's possible to
>use the FM-emulator in this MSX emulator...
>Can you update me on this FM emulator?
>Do you know if there is a SCC emulator around?
>I'm currently very busy using my MSX again.
>How's the (MSX)situation in Nihon?

Sorry, I donot know about a lot of emulator. Because I am still useing real MSX. But you can plug-in EMU2413(YM2413 Emulator) in NLMSX. And you must write your request to coder of FMSX-dos, if you want plug-in EMU2413. Now, FMSX-dos cannot plug-in EMU2413...

A Dutch guy wrote me E-mail:
>Beste Ikeda,
>Unfortunately I cannot afford to buy games at the moment, I will
>probably move to a new home soon, which is going to cost me a lot of
>I am going to try something very cool, though.
>I am still not sure if it's going to happen, but I hope it will:
>I might go to DEN-YU land this year!!!!
>It depends on several things.
>First and foremost: How much money I've got
>Second: The things that will be demonstrated/sold at DEN-YU
>Third: My health. I had some health problems in the past, and I'm
>gaining strength slowly. If I feel bad, I can not go.
>But I really hope to see you then.
>[and you learned another dutch greating. Use as many
>a's as you like.. dag is good, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag is good ;)]

I hope that you will visit to MSX DENYU LAND 2001! When you want buy something Japanese MSX stuff, let write me E-mail. I will send you latest my price list.

Daaaaaaag!!!!(Is this Dutch rule!?)

IKEDA from Osaka, Nippon