MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, January 25 2001

Last updated on: January 29 2001


This is very cool! Emulation program of Yamaha YM2413 chip.

EMU2413 is the best OPLL emulator more than the other OPLL emulator build in MSX emulator.
And MSX musician(master of OPLL) cannot know difference of real OPLL and EMU2413!
This emulator is one part of ESE PLD project. ESE Artists' Factory will show ESE PLD build in EMU2413 technology at MSX DENYU LAND 2001. And coder of EMU2413 who Ghost Ship is open the code of EMU2413. Yes, other coder can build in this technology in MSX emulator.

Now, you can enjoy sound of MSX Music(MGS and MuSICA format) use via it. But you must use with convertor program. Let enjoy cool MSX sound on it!

See you in my next MSX PRINT!

Kuniji Ikeda (Jaka BUSH)
Miri Software MSX Computer System Giappone