MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, December 14 2000

Last updated on: December 14 2000

Just a now, I return back to my home from Barcelona MSX meeting and Aktu publishing(Dutch publishing company).

About Barcelona MSX meeting. We, Yokoi, his wife, me, Satoko and Fumi visited to Barcelona MSX meeting.

Yokoi showed ASCII official MSX emulator at Barcelona meeting. Probably many Spanish MSX freaks like it! IF you are interest in ASCII MSX emulator, you can ask it to Spanish MSX freaks.

And I sold many 2nd hand MSX stuff at my stand. Price is very cheap. Probably many Spanish MSX freaks went to happy! But my group is HNOSTAR Japon. Yokoi is head of Frontline. Please donot mix Frontline and HNOSTAR Japon!

We were enjoy this meeting. Thanckx for friendship of Spanish MSX freaks! Gracias!!

After Barcelona meeting, we visited to Aktu publishing in Holland. Because we(MSX users group) want join with Waams Witkop of Aktu publishing. Anne de Raad arranged our meeting.

Yokoi did not talk all things about our project. Because time were not enough to discuss about MSX emulator and new MSX. But Witkop and Anne were surprised! Now, I cannot write you more thing. Probably Anne and PC-Active will do official announcement about it. Please wait official announcement from Anne and Witkop.

Gracias and Dank u wel!

Kuniji Ikeda (Jaka BUSH)
Miri Software MSX Computer System Giappone