MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, November 27 1999

Last updated on: November 28 1999

Hello, Hallo, Alo, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, AN-NYNG-HA-SEYO and Konnichiwa! My MSX Friends, how are you? This time, I write you article of MSX World Expo'99. Hope you can enjoy my article.

On 21th, 22th and 23th November, Chiba Institude of Technology(C.I.T.) organized the 50th C.I.T. Festival. And a student of C.I.T. who Haga organized MSX World Expo'99 in C.I.T. Festival on 21th and 23th November. Why Japanese MSX Users organized MSX Fair in C.I.T. Festival? Because Japanese MSX Users want show MSX Computer to NOT MSX User like PC User and Macintosh User etc.. And we want make NEW MSX User! What do you think our project?

Playbable(Play + be able to) corner
This Corner is Playbable MSX Games.

Author: M-Kai
Country: Japan
Delar: MO SOFT
System: MSX2/2+/tR
This is finished version(NOT Promo). This is First game for +PCM created by FrontLine. This is high-quarity shoot'em up!
Country: Belgium
Delar: HNOSTAR Japon
System: MSX2/2+/tR
I showed ZoneTerra in this stand.
Tarotika voodoo
Creater: TPM.CO Soft work
Country: Japan
System: MSX1!
This is RPG(Role Playing Game) of Wire-flame graphics.
Niwatorisu Promo
Country: Japan
System: MSX2
This is Tetris type.

WORLD corner
In this Corner, I could look MSX stuff from the world. But Brazilian MSX stuff is NOTHING.. A Japanese guy told me that "Brazil is black island to us..". But I do NOT think it. Because I can get many Brazilian MSX news! I collect MSX stuff from the world. But I can NOT easy buy Brazilian MSX stuff..

Arabian stand
Haga showed Arabian MSX2 Computer. This is manufactured by Yamaha. And I showed a MegaROM Holy Koran in this stand. Many visiter surprised Arabian MSX and Holy Koran! Because Japanese people have NOT chance to look Arabian MSX and Holy Koran. Arabian words are very beautiful words. Arabian words are art!
Korean stand
MO Soft showed Korean MSX in this stand. They have some lare Korean MSX like DEWOO(?) and Samsong(?) etc..
Magazine stand
I looked many Magazine in this stand like hnostar(Spain), MSX-Info Blad (Holland) and AN-NYUNG-HA-SEYO(South Korea).
Spanish stand
A Spanish MSX Group "Matra" visited to this Fair. I lent Spanish stand to them. They showed and did Promotion play of SEX BOMB BUNNY. And this Game has tema song of Majingar-Z! Why they know Japanese TV animation?
Finn stand
I looked a MegaDEMO made in Finland. This Demo is RUN on MSX1 and cool! This Demo was created in 1998! Do you know author of this Demo? We want send our fan letter to creater.
Dutch stand
In this stand, I showed FutureDisk41(Almost Real). And Japanese MSX User enjoied their Program technology! And sometimes, we showed SME3. I want show Sunrise ATA-IDE Interface in this stand. And Tsujikawa(ESE Artists' Factory), Haga and me told that Tsujikawa and Haga want show ATA-IDE Interface in this stand. But I have NOT ATA-IDE I/F to show and sell.. And a MSX User told me that "today I came this Fair to look ATA I/F.. Where can I look ATA I/F?".. Humm..
Japanese stand, I looked..
  • Magical Rabirynth Remix by Gigamix
  • MEGA-SCSI created by ESE Artists' Factory
  • FAST RS-232C Cartridge HARUKAZE by ESE Artists' Factory
  • Text type Internet system use with HARUKAZE and GFX9000(Sunrise).

Hardware corner
I looked ESE DSP SYSTEM in this corner. I talked with Tsujika of ESE Artists' Factory about this DSP System. Already, they successed PSG, FM and SCC Emulate. But they will go to more create of this DSP System. Because..

More hardware corner

Repair corner
Our MSX Computer is very OLD.. IF our Computer will break, we must repair MSX ourself. This Corner is to study how to repair of MSX Computer.

Emulator corner
I looked some MSX Emulator..

Uranai corner
This is Uranai(fortune-telling) use with MSX Computer.

Consignment goods sales corner
We can buy MSX stuff in this corner like..

STAR of Matra bought MEGA-SCSI at this corner.
SYNATX is begin deal SEX BOMB BUNNY. Old time ago, I sold many Pentaro Odyssey in Japan. Also, Frontline sold many SONYC in Japan. Probably, SYNTAX will sell many SEX BOMB BUNNY, I hope!

From this Fair, UP's begin mini consert.. He sing songs.. etc..

Some news writter of Magazine(ASCII, Impress etc..) visited this Fair. News writter of Monthly ASCII Magazine visited this Expo. He photograph STAR(Spanish), MS ZERO(Spanish), Herve(French) and Bernard(Dutch-man).

End of Expo, Yokoi did conference. Yokoi told.. (I can NOT write ALL things that Yokoi told. Because my English is NOT good..).

Many people talked me about NEW MSX. Some people talked Real MSX NOT MSX Emulator. Some people talked Portalble MSX like Game boy. Some people talked MSX Kit.. Now, we are discuss with ASCII Corp about this. Answer of ASCII was..


Till now, MSX User thinked that "PLESE DO NOT DEAD MSX COMPUTER!".. So, we, MSX User was DO survival(survive).. We hope that Next year is REVIVAL of MSX. From SURVIVAL to REVIVAL. This is KeyWord of next year. We hope MSX is revival. But we must success 3 points.

1) MSX Magazine
Today, we begin sell MSX Magazine. But this is test case. IF this Magazine will success we can go to 2nd stage.

2) Soft vander system use via Internet
We must make market of MSX Software. Now, MSX Software market is VERY small.. We must make more big market of MSX to REVIVAL.. Some people want play PROFECIONAL Game(NOT Amature game). Today, we begin sell PLESURE HARTS. This is test case of Profesional game. Now, SCE(Sony Computer Entertiment) is thinkking Software vander system use via Internet. But Game for PS2(PlayStation 2) is VERY big value file. This Soft vander system is NOT easy.. But, MSX Software is SMALL value Program. Now, Internet is slowly speed. But we can sell Software use via Internet! Near future, SCE will begin success Software vander system use via Internet. But we must success Software vander system BEFORE SCE will success it!

3) ASCII Official MSX Emulator
ASCII is *NOT* PERSONAL. ASCII must make a profit. And IF ASCII will red, person in charge of MSX will lose his position like Nishi. AT first, we must success ASCII Official MSX Emulator. IF ASCII will get some money, ASCII will make REAL NEW MSX. But Road is far.. Now, we can enjoy MSX Emulator like RuMSX, fMSX, BrMSX etc.. But there are NOT PERFECSION WORK. I think that MSX Emulator is one way of many way. But we want REAL MSX and NEW MSX. We must success Project of ASCII Oficial MSX Emulator, to make NEW MSX!

IBM PC/AT Clone is good Computer. But this is SUPER Computer. We want hobby Computer I think. Now, I talking with other Computer group like X68000.. Probably MSX cooperate with X68000..

Near future, we will make revival MSX DATA PACK cheap price. Because MSX Creater need technical information of MSX Computer. And we will make MSX DATA PACK English version. IF we will make MSX DATA PACK English version, ASCII can NOT get money I think. But.. Some times ago, European people made COOL Programs. And MSX Club Hnostar made COOL Mgazine. Hnostar is wanderfual magazine. We can NOT make Good magazine more than hnostar.. Probably, IF we made MSX DATA PACK English version, European people will make COOL Hardwares and Softwares, I think. MSX DATA PACK English version is our message to European MSX Users!

STAR and MS ZERO of Matra group heared talk of Yokoi. But they can NOT understand MANY.. IF you can NOT belive my write, you can ask it to my Dutch friend who Bernard. We heared talk of Yokoi.

After MSX WORLD EXPO, we went to dinner. Member is..

Do you know Japanese food tool "Hashi"? Hashi is like European fork and knife. Bernard can use Hashi very well! I surprised!! I got small corn use with Hashi!

We, Yokoi and me want go to European MSX Fair.. And we want give Nishi's message to European MSX User.. But we need interpreter.. We hope that Nishi will visit to European MSX Fair.. But it is NOT easy..

You can look photo of MSX WORLD EXPO'99

And, more WebSite will write information of MSX World Expo'99, PROBABLY.

You can look cover of MSX Magazine READY ISSUE #1

Kuniji Ikeda (Jaka BUSH)
Miri Software MSX Computer System Giappone