MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, September 12 1999, second edition

Last updated on: September 29 1999

On 21/22 August, we organized MSX DEN-YU LAND at Hirose musen 5F. DEN-YU LAND was big success. Many MSX Groups made stand(more than n.40 stand!) and many many people visied to DEN-YU LAND. Visiter was more than 2200 people! Yes 2200 OVER!! This is *TRUE!* And some Official campany visited to DEN-YU LAND like ASCII, Impuress, Hirose musen, LAOX and Compile etc.. Nishi of ASCII, Kitane(She WAS head editor of MSX FAN), Niitani president of Compile, Hirosawa of TAKERU and member of Panasonic etc..

MSX Groups information

Especially ESE Artists' Factry and SYNTAX sold MANY their MSX prodacts. They got MANY money at this DEN-YU LAND. I know that they got money more than 300000Yen! Now, 1 Euro is 118.63 Yen. Let caluculate 300000Yen!! (approx. EUR 2500)

Sponser:These n.3 campany paied money to DEN-YU LAND. Money is 1000000Yen (approx. EUR 8400)! But DEN-YU LAND is NOT red.

Some interesting web pages:

You can look some photo of DEN-YU LAND at Japanese web site.

We enjoied lecture meeting of Nishi, Niitani(president of Compile) and Kitane(head editor of MSX FAN). At lecture meeting, Nishi told that "Now, I am here. This is message to you! But I canNOT more..". I know that Nishi want tell future of MSX. But Nishi canNOT tell it. IF Nishi told it, Nishi get attack from a group of ASCII. They do NOT like MSX! Because..

For exsample, Fujioka of head editor of Weekly ASCII Magazine do NOT like MSX! But we want make NEW MSX. Perhaps NEW MSX will use FPGA Technology!

At lecture meeting of Niitani, he told me that Compile wants make NEW Disk station RUN on MSX Emulator!

Here in Japan, Imamura of SYNTAX has n.2 big project.


Days Month Name
18/19 September'99 MSX fair Zandvoort moved to BUSSUM!
13/14/15 November'99 Jau 1999
21/23? November'99 MSX WORLD EXPO'99 Chiba, Japan
4 December'99 Barcelona MSX user meeting
29/30 January 2000 MSXRio 2000

Kuniji Ikeda (Jaka BUSH)
Miri Software MSX Computer System Giappone