MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, July 18 1999

Last updated on: July 25 1999

Kazuhiko Nishi and Ryouzou Yamashita want make NEW MSX. But ASCII Corp do NOT like NEW MSX. Now Hidekatsu Yokoi of Frontline, Hideki Imamura of SYANTAX and Kazuhiro Tsujikawa of ESE Artists' Factry are talkking about NEW MSX with ASCII.

Do you know WEEKLY ASCII MAGAZINE? This Magazine has a article "Nishi's Digital diary". This is personal news of Nishi. Nishi wrote about NEW MSX on this Magazine. But it's tone dawn. He wrote that ASCII will make Software emulator of MSX. No, we need NOT Emulator of MSX. We want REAL MSX! Today(18/July), Yokoi, Imamura and Tsujikawa are meeting with Nishi

Hardware spec of NEW MSX.(High speed MSX2+) REALLY Project, NOT Dream Project

CPU Z80 Compatible 100MHz
VDP V9958 Clock up. 21.34x4MHz
Music PSG, FM and PCM, PCM compatible with +PCM system of Frontline
Memory Main 4MB
Video 1MB
Software MSX-DOS
Expand BASIC

Other points:

Sorry for my bad English... Because I haveNOT free time to use English dictionary...

K. Ikeda