MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, July 2 1999

Last updated on: July 13 1999

ASCII Corp come back to MSX world! Already ASCII paied many money to us( PERHAPS 500000Yen). This money is to make MSX DEN-YU LAND. So, ASCII is sponsor of MSX DEN-YU LAND. And MANY member of ASCII will visit MSX DEN-YU LAND and MSX WORLD EXPO'99 to cheak MSX scene. Now, some member of ASCII interest in our MSX situation.

Last night, I recived a telephone from Hidekatsu Yokoi of Frontline. And I got many news of NEW MSX.

RRR! RRR!! Telephone is calling!!!

Japanese MSX Fair calender

Name Date Duration Location
MAiN'99 1/August 1 day Nagoya, Japan
MSX DEN-YU LAND 22,23/August 2 days! Tokyo, Japan
MSX WORLD EXPO'99 21,22/November 2 days! Chiba, Japan

You can visit to MSX DEN-YU LAND official page

K. Ikeda