MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, June 23 1999

Last updated on: July 13 1999

ASCII Corp come back to MSX world! We are glad for this!

Yesterday, some MSX Figure leaders meet with Kazuhiko Nishi and ASCII Corp. And I recived a telephone from them. Because they need my help.

Hidekatsu Yokoi of Frontline, Hideki Imamura of SYNTAX, Kazuhiro Tsujikawa of ESE Artists' Factry and the other MSXer show their MSX stuff to ASCII and Nishi. Nishi is many glad for their MSX stuff. But ASCII is...

You can look photo at Syntax WebSite.
You can look more photo in NV Magazine next issue. If you want buy NV, please contact with MSX NBNO. Because they are European distributer of NV.

In 4/July, some MSX Leader will meet ASCII and Nishi. Now, Japanese MSX Leader and ASCII talking about NEW MSX Computer. We hope that ASCII will make NEW MSX Computer. And Nishi agree NEW MSX Project! But ASCII don't like our NEW MSX Project. ASCII think that many people do NOT buy NEW MSX Computer...

We must show MSX user power to ASCII.

Now, I must show nice MSX stuff to ASCII and Nishi. I want show...

MSX Events

ASCII will cheak MSX DEN-YU LAND and MSX WORLD EXPO'99. We must sccess these MSX Fair!

Please write me E-mail if you know something cool MSX stuff. We must show MSX Power to ASCII!

K. Ikeda