MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, June 6 1999

Last updated on: June 6 1999

My Brazilian friend who Alex Mitshio Sato visited MSX EVENT in Osaka. About 70 MSXer visited this Event. Alex Sato is up-load Image of this EVENT. URL is...

You can get news of this EVENT from Sato.

On 1/August, MAiN Project team will present MAiN'99. MAiN'99 is middle class MSX Fair at Japan. Perhaps, 50 or 60 MSXer will visit. Locate is Nagoya, Japan.

Do you know MSX Festa? MSX Festa is biggest MSX Fair at Japan. Date is 22/August. Of couse, I will sell some European MSX stuff at this Fair! Perhaps, 200 or 300 MSXer will visit. Locate is Tokyo, Japan.

Leader of MSX WORLD EXPO who Mr.Shiga(alias PEN) wrote me a E-mail. Because they want need my help. MSX WORLD EXPO'99 is *WORLD* wide Expo. Now, they want show cool European/Brazilian MSX Hardware and Software etc... Can you tell me something cool MSX stuff? Please write me E-mail if you know something cool MSX stuff. Date is on 21/22 November. Yes, 2days!! Locate is Chiba, Japan.

Please up-load my this MSX PRINT on telephone-line BBS, Mailing list, Internet Web site and the other MSX news media. Because I want news of cool European/Brazilian MSX stuff... PLEASE write me E-mail if you know something cool MSX stuff.

K. Ikeda