MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, March 1 1999

Last updated on: June 2 1999

Do you remember HYDLIDE produced by T&E SOFT? HYDLIDE is really cool Action RPG, I think. History of Action RPG was begin from HYDLIDE. So, HYDLIDE is the most old Action RPG.
About 15 years ago(in 1984), I played many time HYDLIDE like monkey's self-acting! HaHaHa!! Here in Nippon(Japan), many many MSX Freak played HYDLIDE 1/2/3 on MSX1/2. Perhaps, also you like HYDLIDE series!!!
Now, T&E SOFT is makeing HYDLIDE for Windows 95/98. We can enjoy HYDLIDE on Windows! HYDLIDE will come-back soon!!(perhaps, spring/1999).
Good-luck T&E SOFT! Have a fan!!!

A Japanese MSX program code writter who OKEI(Jaka) made FAT16 Program for MEGA-SCSI. You can use Harddisk area more 32Mb!

My friend who Sakanoshita made HP of Sunrise ATA-IDE INTERFACE. Japanese Freak can get news of Sunrise ATA-IDE Interface on this HP. Of couse, this HP is Japanese only.
And we are doing CM of Sunrise IDE Interface at SYNTAX HP.

Calendar of Japanese MSX Fair.

K. Ikeda