MSX-Print from K. Ikeda, January 29 1999

Last updated on: June 2 1999

Konnichiwa. I am K. Ikeda living in Osaka, Japan. Hallo, I am Rieks Warendorp Torringa. Together, we joined the MSX-Event held on 22 November 1998 in Amagasaki-city, Hyougo-prefecture, Japan. Rieks comes from The Netherlands and is a student Japanese, currently staying a year in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan.

The MSX-Event is presented by K. Kuroda, a leading person in the Japanese MSX-scene. He also is the author of the KINROU music system, for use with MSX-Music. This music format is upwards compatible with MuSICA from ASCII Corp. Many Japanese MSX music composers use this system. The MSX-Event is the second biggest fair in Japan, counting about 100 visitors. The biggest Japanese MSX-fair is called MSX Festa. About 200 to 300 people visit this fair.

The MSX-Event exists of three parts. The first part is the sales-part. During this, miscellaneous MSX groups are selling their productions. This part takes place from 11:00 until 15:30. On this MSX-Event, there were 12 MSX-groups participating:


Second hand stuff

Here, we find many cheap MSX products, like software, hardware, magazines and manuals. For example, a Panasonic FS-A1ST (MSX Turbo R) was sold here, as well as Sorcerian, King's Valley 2, MSX Magazines, MSX-Dos manual, MSX-mouse, etc... Rieks bought many MSX products, as these are sometimes rare but popular in The Netherlands. Ikeda, however, didn't buy many of these products.

Catalogue corner

In this corner, there are many Japanese MSX catalogues.

Corner of consignment products sale

Three groups sold their products in this corner, for example Katsuyuki Sakanoshita, who is also a leading figure in the Japanese MSX-scene.

The second part is a talk show by leading Japanese MSX-figures. It takes place from 16.00 until 17.00. Visitors can listen to Japanese MSX news during this part. Ikeda really enjoyed this part, but to Rieks it was a little annoying because his understanding of Japanese wasn't that well yet...

The third part is the party-part. During this, some people go to karaoke, others go to a bar. Some others, like Ikeda and Rieks, didn't join these groups, but went home.

If you have any questions, you can contact us.

K. Ikeda and Rieks W. T.