MSX News from K. Ikeda, November 7 1998

Last updated on: June 2 1999

This time, I send u Brazilian MSX news. Do u know ACE001 Computer? ACE001 Computer is new MSX Computer mother board like PC Compatible. U can build in this Board inside PC Case.

This message is originally from Ademir Carchano. I translate to my bad english and send to you.

Is a board made specialially for be put in PC cases without "traps". It has the follow specifications:

Boards specially made for be put in the ACE001 MSX slots (Will be made):

This boards are to be inserted in ACE001 motherboard because needs a EPROM program and connectors. With all boards connected left others 4 slots to be used with MegaRAM, GFX9000, Moonsound, etc...

If I found at least 20 interested peoples I can finish the board and complete the group. But the most problem is in acquire the components (like V9958, OPLL, etc..). I've in stock plus than 200 V9938 but nobody wishes a MSX2.

Send me sugestions and critics.

I suggest to remap te slot squeme to use slots 1 and 2 for cartridges and the slot 3 for memory. Other thing is put a PC keyboard connector that is more easy to find that a Expert keyboard. :)

The price? I don't know. But I think about US$300, the price can down if he founds more than 20 buyers. What you think? A new MSX with all new board, instaled on a DOS/V Mini-Tower case.

What you think.

Please contact with my Brazilian MSX friend if u interest in this Project.

Giovanni Nunes email

K. Ikeda