Japanese MSX news by K. Ikeda

Last updated on: December 20 2003

This page contains several articles that I received from K. Ikeda from Osaka, Nippon(Japan). On this page, you can find a short summary of the article and a link to the full article.

MSX-Print from 19th December 2003.
Reference to website with instructions to build yourself a MSX Game reader or a converter to connect playstation or sega saturn joystick to MSX.
MSX-Print from 17th December 2003.
MSX MAGAZINE 2 sells well. ASCII store starts to sell MSX goods.
MSX-Print from 16th November 2003.
Announcement of USB-ROM Cartridge reader for MSXPlayer. You can pre-order it from Ikeda.
MSX-Print from 9th October 2003.
Announcement of ASCII MSX Magazine 2. Furthermore, you can order MSX Magazine, Hapy!! MSX Emulator & Games magazine and EGG Official Guide book from Ikeda.
MSX-Print from 15th September 2003.
Announcement of MSX Denyuland 2003. Preliminary list of standholders and new products.
MSX-Print from 17th January 2003.
Success story about sales of the new MSX books, with nice photo's from the books for sale in the bookstore.
MSX-Print from 3th January 2003.
Sales of MSX MAGAZINE in Japan is very succesfull. Another succesfull book in Japanese book magazines is also an MSX title: "Happy!! MSX Emulator and Games". It comes together with a CD with emulator and games. You can order it via mr. Ikeda.
MSX-Print from 4 December 2002.
More info on pre-ordering of MSX MAGAZINE. News that mr. Ikeda can now deliver silicon belt for disk drives in stead of rubber belt. The silicon belt is stronger.
MSX-Print from 22 November 2002.
Info on how to order ASCII MSX MAGAZINE via Mr. Ikeda. Info about a new FM PAK, being made by an Itialian hardware developer. Info about several MSX chips that you can order from Mr. Ikeda.
MSX-Print from 21 August 2002.
News about several European MSX fans who visited Ikeda. Also message about MSX in the japanese press. Announcement of EGG official guide book. More info about ASCII MSX Player Magazine. Announcement of C-BIOS; a clone of the MSX BIOS, for emulators. Last topic: development of FAT16 patch program will be stopped.
MSX-Print from 31 July 2002.
More news about MSX Revival project. Information about project EGG, which redistributes old MSX games, bundled with MSX Player. Announcement of ASCII MSX Player magazin, to be published at MSX Denyuland. Furthermore, news about progress of ESE MSX PLD project and a call to the MSX Brazilian crew to join the ESE MSX PLD project.
MSX-Print from 21 June 2002.
A lot of news surrounding MSX Player and MSX Association; distribution of SYNTAX games in Europe and distribution of Sunrise games in Japan. Explanation about commercial version and free version of MSX Player. Photo of FPGA MSX proto type. Editorial note: the Single chip MSX, prototyped in FPGA, is the next step in the MSX Association MSX revival plans. The MSX Association Single chip MSX project is independent of the ESE-PLD MSX project, which is a hobby project to build an MSX in FPGA technology.
MSX-Print from 22 May 2002.
Updated list of MSX Games to be (re-)published for Windows by Egg. Now including price (in Yen).
MSX-Print from 20 May 2002.
Short news: SYNTAX begins today (20th may) the distribution of NV new issue in MSX Player.
MSX-Print from 15 May 2002.
Initial list of classic MSX Games that will be distributed by Egg with MSX Player for Windows. More news on MSX Association. Announcement of a new book about old MSX games. Re-confirmation that Syntax will distribute NV-Magazine/MSX Player combination. Price list of second hand (MSX) computer store in Osaka.
MSX-Print from 17 April 2002.
Various news; Yokoi and Ikeda are interested in CIEL3++ and MSX Mother board project of Ademir Cachano from Brazil. Perhaps officialize BIOS Roms via MSX Association? More news on MSX Player; announcement of Linux and Mac versions. ASCII will publish Magazine of MSX. Small note on how to change CPU Clock via software on Panasonic FS-A1WX/WSX. Announcement of new version of Zodiac.
MSX-Print from 19 March 2002.
More news on MSX Player; confirmation distribution of NV Magazine by SYNTAX in MSX Player format, Fujitsu will include MSX Player in windows CE handy computer, EGG (Japanse company which re-publishes classic console games on windows via emulator technology) will add MSX Player with HYDLIDE to its portfolio, Yokoi (driver behind MSX Revival/MSX Player project) wants to publish guide book of MSX Player together with programming tool. Also news about potential licensing models of MSX Player. Hopefully for free but not sure yet. Other (good!) news: Yamaha corporation will NOT take legal action against FM-PAC emulation code. Also some clarifications around MSX Association and MSX Copyright ownership.
MSX-Print from 27 February 2002.
Various news: Announcement small device C compiler at sourceforge (open source?). Production stop of AddRAM2 4MB memory expansion. MSX Association will start distributing MSX Player in April 2002. Fujitsu will include MSX Player in their computer. SYNTAX will distribute NV Magazine issue April 2002 with MSX Player.
MSX-Print from 22 December 2001.
Announcement of CP/M Open Source project and free download of CP/M 3.0 MSX version. Article about how to use Panasonic word-processor floppy drive in MSX turbo R. Article about how to change CPU speed in Panasonic FS-A1WX/WSX.
Announcement for MSX DEN-YU land 2001.
Exhibition of MSX Player alpha version, MSX Association and of old and/or rare hardware. Agenda of lectures by Maeda (Matsushita), Ryoozoo YAMASHITA (ASCII) and Kazuhiko NISHI (MSX Associtation, special advisor to ASCII). List of stand holders
MSX-Print from October 16 2001.
Message that latest version of MGS (Japanese music player for MSX Music, SCC and PSG) now also runs on 5.37MHz Panasonic 2+ model.
MSX-Print from August 31 2001.
Link to a page how to repair diskdrive of various Panasonic MSX models (MSX2, MSX 2+ and MSX turbo R). Furthermore, article about a speech that Mr. Nishi gave about MSX at ASCII corporation.
MSX-Print from July 17 2001.
Announcement of negotiations between Nishi, Yokoi and Microsoft regarding license-rights associated with MSX Player. Message about SoftBank (a big asian technology investment group) paying 120MYen to ASCII. Unclear what this has to do with MSX revival or MSX Player. More background info on Nishi. Announcement of foundation of OCPA (Open Contents Platform Association). A new consortium around intent, in which several big players participate. Can be indirectly associated with the ideas behind MSX Player/MSX Software distribution via the net. And obviously it is also linked to the fact that MSX Player runs on intent...
MSX-Print from June 7 2001.
More news about Nishi and ASCII corporation. Announcement of "MSX Assembly in Nagoya" fair. Announcement about "MSX DENYU LAND 2001" fair. It is subsidised and will take two days. Correction of previous news about Intent. Background info on need for 1-chip-MSX. And last but not least, an updated, international MSX fair calendar.
MSX-Print from June 5 2001.
News about a free test version of Intent and news that Nishi resigns from vice-president of ASCII corporation! Furthermore, an updated MSX fair calendar.
MSX-Print from April 1 2001.
More news about ASCII MSX Emulator (dubbed MSX Player). Details about the presentations on the Tilburg MSX fair by Nishi (vice president ASCII), Yokoi (Head of Frontline) and Tsujikawa (Member of ESE Artist's Factory). Furthermore, more answers to questions asked by various peoples. And news about (un)availability of spare parts for the MSX turbo R!
MSX-Print from February 21 2001.
Answers to questions asked by various peoples. Amongst others about ASCII MSX Emulator on Intent platform, about www.msxmagazin.com, about the OPLL emulator and about MSX DENYU LAND 2001 event.
MSX-Print from January 25 2001.
Announcement of FMPAC/MSX-MUSIC emulation code. Furthermore, some background on it. This excellent OPLL emulator is part of ESE PLD project.
MSX-Print from January 18 2001.
First announcement for MSX DENY LAND 2001 event. Furthermore, new email address of Ikeda.
MSX-Print from December 14 2000.
Report about visit of Ikeda, Yokoi and a few others to Barcelone MSX meeting. Yokoi showed ASCII official MSX emulator at the Barcelona meeting. Furthermore, Ikeda and the others visited Aktu publications in NL, which is the publishing company from Wammes Witkop, that used to publish MCCM. Stay tuned for more information!
MSX-Print from November 12 2000.
Announcement that Ikeda and Yokoi will visit Barcelone MSX meeting of 9th december. News that Bernard and Anne visited ASCII Corp. Announcement that ASCII is looking for name of ASCII MSX emulator. All suggestions are welcome and can be sent to Ikeda.
MSX-Print from August 27 2000.
Report about MSX DEN-YU land 2000. Only few visitors: just 1000 people. Report about lecture by Nishi, about ASCII's future plans with MSX. News that Ag0ny from Spain will join ASCII corporation. Ag0ny will bring connection to Europe and Brazil into ASCII. Furthermore, report about lecture by Yamashita from ASCII corporation, about history of MSX, how the Amiga almost became the MSX2 and other interesting stuff. Yamashita also officially announced ASCII MSX emulator. The MSX print finishes with links to other magazines and news sites that provide official news about ASCII MSX emulator, etc.
MSX-Print from August 15 2000.
More details about MSX DEN-YU land 2000. Announcement of pre-fair party. Announcement of new game for MSX from commercial softwarehouse. Pre-announcement for MSX Emulator from ASCII, which will run on "Elate" operating system from "Intent". "Elate" is a operating system/virtual machine that can run on many host operating systems and processor types.
Announcement for MSX DEN-YU land 2000.
Two VIPs from ASCII corporation (Nishi and Yamashita) will give a lecture. List of stand holders. Call for more stand holders. Spanish MSX supporter Ag0 will visit the fair.
MSX-Print from Jun 22 2000.
Story about the true meaning of MSX
MSX-Print from Jun 5 2000.
More news about new MSX. Japanese group Frontline has received permission from ASCII to develop new MSX. Some legal issues about VDP emulation. Furthermore, a report about the MSX fair held in Tilburg, the Netherlands. This article is also available in dutch. Meer nieuws over nieuwe MSX. Japanse group Frontline heeft toestemming van ASCII om een nieuwe MSX te maken. Er zijn wat wettelijke problemen met de VDP emulatie. Verder een verslag van de MSX beurs in Tilburg. Dit artikel is ook in het Nederlands.
MSX-Print from Nov 27 1999.
Report about MSX World Expo '99 fair. List of Japanese products that where for sale. Report on non-Japanese (Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, Finland) products that where shown or for sale. News on ESE DSP system that can emulate PSG, SCC and FM. DSP project will be put on hold for development of new MSX using FPGA technology to emulate all existing MSX hardware. Some news on EVA Movie player. More news on ASCII involvement in new MSX. Talks about making MSX DATA PACK available again, but cheaper. And also in English version for European people because European people make COOL hardware and software. To do this good, having technical information is vital. Furthermore, some photo's of the fair.
MSX-Print from Sep 12 1999.
Report about MSX DEN-YU land fair. Many visitors, many former MSX VIPs visited the fair, what was for sale, etc. A few photo's of the fair. Report of Lectures by VIPs like Nishi (ASCII) and Niitani (Compile). News about plans from and Imamura (SYNTAX). Call for article about European MSX history for new ASCII MSX Magazine. Idea mentioned to use FPGA technology for new MSX
MSX-Print from Aug 12 1999.
More news about MSX DEN-YU land fair: list of stand holders
MSX-Print from Jul 18 1999.
First talks that new MSX will not be produced by ASCII but that the new MSX will be made by various groups (Frontline, Syntax, ESE Artists factory). Furthermore, announcement of new MSX magazine by ASCII. Furthermore a list with specs for new MSX
MSX-Print from Jul 2 1999.
More news on MSX DEN-YU land fair and ASCIIs re-entry into the MSX world. Furthermore lots of speculation on specs for new MSX, like a Z80 at 100MHz
MSX-Print from Jun 23 1999.
ASCII comes back to MSX world, meeting between Kazuhiko Nishi of ASCII corporation and various Japanese MSX groups. First talks about new MSX by ASCII (Nishi likes idea but ASCII does not like idea, since most probably not enough MSX computers will be sold). MSX Festa fair will be renamed to MSX DEN-YU LAND and ASCII will sponsor this fair. Another call for cool European and Brazilian MSX stuff to show at fairs.
MSX-Print from Jun 6 1999.
Various news: photo's of MSX EVENT in Osaka, announcement for MSX Festa fair on 22-August 99, call for European/Brazilian MSX hard- and software for MSX WORLD EXPO'99 fair on 21/22 November '99.
MSX-Print from Mar 1 1999.
Various news: hydlide ported to PC, FAT16 for MEGA-SCSI, Japanese homepage about Sunrise ATA-IDE interface
MSX-Print from Jan 29 1999.
Report about MSX-Event held on 22 November 1998. List of groups and products they sold. Short mentioning of lectures given by Japanese MSX leaders.
MSX-News from Nov 7 1998.
News about ACE001 MSX computer mother board from Brazil. List of specs and future plans. If at least 20 people are interested, the project will be continued.