Last updated on: April 10 2001

This page is dedicated to ESE-PLD MSX, the new MSX being developed by ESE Artists' Factory.

The idea behind ESE-PLD MSX is to build a new MSX which is based on a combination of hardware and software technologies. The hardware of the new MSX will consists of general programmable gate arrays (PLD's). These gate arrays will be programmed to emulate the various hardware components of a real MSX.

For example, one PLD will emulate the Z80 and another PLD will emulate the VDP.

The advantage compared to a full software emulator (like OpenMSX) is that devices that run in parallel in a real MSX will also run in parallel in the ESE-PLD MSX. In a software emulator, this parallelism is much more difficult to achieve.

Another advantage ofcourse is that you do not need any other platform to be able to perform MSX activities ;-)

More information about ESE-PLD MSX can be found on the ESE Artists' Factory ESE-PLD homepage.