Last updated on: April 10 2001

This page is dedicated to ASCII MSX, the new MSX from ASCII Corporation. Please note that most information here is highly speculative and is subject to change as the plans by ASCII become more clear.

The ASCII MSX is the last step in the road-map to the MSX Revival. The first step is MSX Player, an MSX emulator.

The next step will be a one-chip MSX, with the following speculative specifications:

CPU Z80 Compatible 100MHz
VDP V9958 Clock up. 21.34x4MHz
Music PSG, FM and PCM, PCM compatible with +PCM system of Frontline
Memory Main 4MB
Video 1MB
Software MSX-DOS
Expand BASIC

It is not clear how this one-chip MSX will become a full MSX (with keyboard, floppy drive, powersupply, etc). There have been several ideas, but which idea will become reality is absolutely unclear. A few ideas that have been mentioned are: